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class of 2018

March 12, 2012

Dear Parents of the Class of 2018:

Traditionally, this is the time of the year when you would be receiving information from the Lebanon Junior High
concerning your child’s seventh grade year. This year is a little different as we are getting ready to move into the new
middle school. Although the school is different, the schedule and program is similar to the one we have been using for
many years.

Accompanying this letter is an additional letter, out-lining the highlights of the new middle school. Transition activities
are planned for students and parents during the months of May and June. In late April, you will receive a letter with the
specific dates and times of those activities.

Along with the transition planning, we need to begin scheduling our students and placing them on teams. With this letter
you will see a course selection form and a parent input form.

The course selection form needs to be filled out, signed by a parent or guardian, and returned to your sixth grade
homeroom teacher by March 21st. Although there are not a lot of elective choices for the seventh and eighth grades,
there are a few.

We offer instruction in Spanish and French as electives. These courses are taught in a two year sequence. When a
student finishes in eighth grade, he or she will earn a Lebanon High School credit in either French 1 or Spanish 1. A more
detailed description of the two courses may be found on the reverse side of this paper. In order to take either of these
courses, a student must have earned a proficient score or better on the State reading test (NECAP) given in the fall. The
student also needs permission from his or her 6th grade reading teacher at SHES (6th grade reading or language arts teacher
at GVS).

Band and chorus are also offered as electives. The two courses will run opposite each other during the same period.
Band will meet three times a week and chorus twice. Students signing up for band must have experience in playing an
instrument. A description of both programs can be found along with the world language description on the reverse side.

The parent input form gives you the opportunity to provide educational input about your child. It will be used along
with input we receive from sixth grade teachers to place your child on a team. The parent input form needs to be
returned to your child’s 6th grade homeroom teacher by March 21st. More information about teams may be found
on the additional letter enclosed, out-lining the highlights of the new middle school. A great deal of attention is placed
on team assignments. We strive to keep the teams balanced by gender, sending schools, academic ability, and student
interest. We do not accept requests for specific placements. However, if you have concerns, please contact our guidance
counselor, Howard Burnham, at LJHS in writing. Please send them along with your completed parent input form.

Both forms are due back to your child’s 6th grade homeroom teacher by Wednesday, March 21st.

We have tried to provide all of the information needed about the electives and the placement process. If you have
questions please call us at LJHS (448-3056).


Andrew J. Mellow

Martha A. Langill

Dan Poisson
Assistant Principal

Howard Burnham
Guidance Counselor